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Where students learn for life. We offer a dual curriculum that prepares you for a successful career, and provides warmth and chevra as you continue your Torah study.

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Kesubos 9a - Pesach Pasuach 7

Feb 9

Biology Club Event

In this Pre-Health Advisement/Q&A Workshop, Dr. Ann Shinnar will discuss new LCM policies pertaining to pre-health majors, how and when to prepare for the MCAT and DAT, and more. 

Feb 9

Psychology Club Meet-and-Greet

Whether you're a new student or longtime participant, come meet the other members of the Psych Club in this Spring semester meet-and-greet.

Feb 10

Rabbi Feiner Shiur

Rabbi Eytan Feiner's monthly shiur is back. This month's topic: "Mystical Meanings of the Hands and Fingers"