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Where students learn for life. We offer a dual curriculum that prepares you for a successful career, and provides warmth and chevra as you continue your Torah study.

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Lander is more than our seven-acre campus, pick-up games and student activities. It's more than small classes, stellar faculty and keen minds. Take a look.

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Kiddushin 9a - B'Shtar Keizad 2

Mar 1

Beis Medrash Dedication

The Touro College and University System invite you to join us as Zvi and Betty Ryzman and family dedicate the Beis Medrash at our Yeshiva in honor of Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander z"l

Mar 4

Taanit Esther and Purim evening

11:15 am: Shiur

12:20 pm: Machatzit Hashekel

12:40 pm: Mincha

Mar 5


5:53 am: Neitz Minyan

8:30 am: Shacharis & Megilla Reading 

10:30 am: Women's Megillah Reading