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Where students learn for life. We offer a dual curriculum that prepares you for a successful career, and provides warmth and chevra as you continue your Torah study.

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Lander is more than our seven-acre campus, pick-up games and student activities. It's more than small classes, stellar faculty and keen minds. Take a look.

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Latest Shiur:
Parshas Behaaloscha - Pesach Sheini

Aug 31

First Day of Classes

Sedershiur and classes begin today. 

Sep 7

Labor Day- No classes

No classes. Seder & shiur follow Sunday schedule.

Sep 13

Rosh Hashana & Tzom Gedaliah

Schedule for Erev Rosh Hashana, Rosh Hashana, and Tzom Gedaliah. Yamim Noraim seating information included.