Ben Simon

Los Angeles, CA

September 17, 2017

For the last two summers Simon’s been getting his feet wet in the marketing world by working for, an online company that sells gift cards while raising money for charity with each purchase. “The site’s motto is ‘Give when you get,’” he explained. His responsibilities included branding and social media for the site and he plans to continue working for the company during the summer and over Pesach break. “I used a lot of psychology basics in social media.”

Speaking of getting his feet wet, like many Los Angeles natives, Simon is also a surfer. “There’s nothing more relaxing than surfing,” said Simon, whose family lives by the beach. His board of choice is a mix between a long-board and a short-board. “You just wait for a wave and ride it.” Though he said he isn’t particularly interested in surfing the frigid waters of the Atlantic. “It’s just too cold.”