Yaacov Bergman

Israel, Cape Town, Baltimore

September 17, 2017

The family relocated to Baltimore when Yaacov was ten. After attending the Talmudic Academy in Baltimore, he studied in Mercaz HaTorah in Israel. Yaacov chose LCM because of the school’s size and great medical school acceptance rate. “It’s small and tight-knit,” he explained

Yaacov knew he wanted to become a doctor ever since he broke his arm in seventh grade. “I remember the feeling of unease and how the doctors alleviated that. I really wanted to do that too,” he said. Yaacov’s already well on his way to a career in medicine. He put in 108 volunteer hours in Mt. Sinai Hospital’s emergency room. “I felt like I was part of the team,” he said. Last summer, Yaacov put in 136 hours in the psychology and oncology ward of the University of Maryland Hospital.

Yaacov is also an accomplished pianist of ten years. His favorite piece? Beethoven’s Fur Elise. “It’s a people-pleaser,” he said.