Avraham Panish

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  • Last Updated: Monday, May 2 2016
I graduated LCM in Spring 2011 with a BA in Psychology. During that time I was privileged to have learned in the Shiurim of Rav Mirsky, Rav Tannenbaum and Rav Bronspiegel. I have also learned a tremendous amount from Rav Bamberger's vaadim. While in college, I took over for Hananel Gez's responsibility of video-recording Rav Bamberger's Friday shmoozim for Torahanytime.com. I also served as secretary of the Computer Club.
After graduating, I continued to learn in the LCM Beis Medrash and Kollel. For the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semesters I was the Beis Medrash Representative in the Lander College Student Government. With Hashem's help, I later received Semicha. I've almost finished with my Masters in Jewish Studies with a concentration in Jewish Education through the Touro graduate program on campus. Beginning this past Fall, I started working in Yeshiva Ketana of Queens as an assistant first-grade Rebbe. I will be continuing there for the next school year.  I currently live in Kew Garden Hills with my wife Gittel (nee Bernstein, from Cedarhurst) and our son, Shalom Pinchas (2 and ½ yrs old). I had such an amazing time at LCM; I deeply appreciate the amazing friends, Chavrusas and Rabbeim whom I continue to be in touch with.