Benji Drory

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  • Last Updated: Monday, May 2 2016

After entering Lander in Spring 2010, I spent the next 5+ years there. During my time at Lander, I received a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Jewish Studies (focus in Jewish Education), and S'micha. I had the privilege of being in the shiurim of Rabbi Sacks, Rabbi Tanenbaum, and Rabbi Kirschenbaum for multiple years each. I have been blessed with my wife, Ilana, and our son, Simcha during the course of this time as well. We live across the street from Lander, and are very happy with the fact that I am able to regularly daven and learn there, even after graduating. I now teach limudei kodesh (and geometry) at ZDR Academy of Yeshiva Rambam in Brooklyn. Additionally, I am now completing a Master of Social Work degree. I appreciate all that Lander has done for me and my family. We are especially thankful for all of the continued guidance of Rabbi Sacks, and the source of inspiration that he has been for my family.