Josh Goldstein

  • Last Updated: Friday, February 27 2015

During my four years in Lander, I had the privilege of being in both Rav Tannenbaum's and Rav Shmulevitz's shiurim. I was also in the Psychology Honors program, and was part of the SGO as a class representative and Beis Medrash Representative. I also had the opportunity to be the President of the Psychology Club, where I arranged for a number of different speakers to lecture at LCM, including Dr. Naftali Moses, the father of one of the students killed in the 2008 attack at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav.  

After graduating, I began the PsyD program for School and Clinical Psychology at Kean University.  I am currently a second year student and am interning at a public school in Nutley, New Jersey where I conduct psychological evaluations on students with learning disabilities.  

In January 2014, I married Shoshana Novogroder, and we are currently living in Teaneck, New Jersey. I am happy to be in contact with psychology students who have any questions about graduate school, and can be reached at