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Do you really need more of a reason to build a fire and have a bbq? Maybe a little kumsitz?
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On Monday afternoon, under the skilled care of Michael Davidson’s spatula and tongs, Lander students enjoyed a welcome back barbecue before heading off to class. A lot of meat was consumed, frisbees and baseballs flew as a few games got under way, and the new post-pesach guys mingled and met the returning students as everyone got into the rhythm of the Lander campus.
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And what better way to end it than with a gift of LCM earbuds for each student (the better to review Rabbi Sacks’ recorded shiurim and be prepared) and grilling. Really, no Lander event would be complete without a bbq or pizza. But this time SGO surpassed themselves, combining the two with meat pizzas on the grill. Does life get any better than that?
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LCM talmidim celebrated the eve of Lag Ba’Omer with singing, dancing, and bonfires with R’ Bamberger. The next day, basketballs and footballs went flying as inter-shiur sports competitions got underway. (Even R\' Mirsky joined in, with his shiur teammates!) Students in R’ Sacks’ shiur creamed both competitions, winning dinner at the restaurant of their choice as their prize.