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By: Dr. Moshe Sokol, Dean When Lander College for Men started 11 years ago it was easy to know every student who passed through our doors. As the college and class size has grown, and continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to know each individual student as well as I would like. But the connections and personal attention that are part of the college’s origins remain important to me, and so I started inviting small groups of students to my office for talks over coffee, tea and pastries.
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About 30 Lander alumni gathered at the Rodriguez Steakhouse in Jerusalem last week for the 4th annual LCM Alumni Reunion in Israel. Former students from all over the country enjoyed a night of catching up with friends, seeing rebbeim, hearing divrei Torah and, well, steak. The alumni in attendance spanned the history of Lander, with some representatives of the first and second classes, and others who graduated in June.