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The students agree. That’s why it’s with a heavy heart that everyone said goodbye and wished him well at the end of this year as he takes retirement.
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By her own admission, Ann E. Shinnar is a tough professor. She even sees it as a “badge of honor,” because in her mind, that means her students are well prepared for a life in science and “understanding how they can take observation and make conclusions.” As a Lander College for Men associate professor of chemistry and deputy chair of the chemistry department, Dr. Shinnar’s main goal is to show those in her lab “what kind of mastery they need to accomplish” to find order amid the universe’s randomness, in the hopes of their doing groundbreaking work. That’s why Dr. Shinnar takes such pride and responsibility in her job. “The mark of a teacher is someone who not only knows the material, but can explain it in detail and convey the important and beauty and excitement of that particular discipline.” 
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Rabbi Sacks spoke about how Rabbi Berzon is a living example of someone who loves to learn and who is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge of Torah, spending day and all night in the beis medrash. A real role model for the guys, it’s a bittersweet tzeitchem l’shalom.
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Professor Chayim Herskowitz, who currently teaches as an Assistant Professor for the Business Department at LCM, has been awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award for the 2015-2016 academic year.
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LCM recently hosted a yeshiva-wide luncheon to bid farewell to Rabbi Josh Sturm, assistant to the Menahel and coordinator of admissions and community programming.