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During his internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Radiation Oncology, Simon Dadoun was involved in clinical research for prostrate cancer. 
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Pushing an empty cart, Moshe Bedziner walks expertly to a doorway, his footsteps squeaking on the rubber floors of SUNY Downstate’s Basic Science building. He punches in a code, takes a blue face mask and gloves, and twists the doorknob. Inside are hundreds of rats in cylindrical cages, each labeled with a different Principal Investigator’s name. Moshe finds his rats and carefully lifts the cages into his cart.
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Most students who enroll in summer school, or who decide to stay on campus over vacation, lose out on several benefits that the structure of a regular yeshiva provides: a regular meal plan, plethora of social outings, and steady stream of shiurim.