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Avi Weber: The Chinuch Path

May 02, 2016

“My number one motivation for becoming a high school rebbe was to be there for my students,” begins Rabbi Avi Weber, LCM ‘09, a high school rebbe who teaches at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway (HAFTR). “I understand a lot of the challenges they’re going through—I mean, I literally sat in these desks when I was in high school not so long ago.” 

Jacob Bouskila

April 19, 2016

Born in Strasbourg, a small French city on the eastern border of Germany, Jacob (Yaakov) Bouskila knew it was only a matter of time before he would emigrate from France.

Michael Sher

April 07, 2016

The first thing that struck LCM senior Michael Sher, when he moved to Canada, was the absence of concrete walls and electric fences around residential homes.

Celebrating Purim on Campus

March 28, 2016

LCM celebrated a festive Purim this year across campus. LCM Rebbeim, their families, Touro College President Alan Kadish, and Executive Vice President Rabbi Moshe Krupka graced this year's Purim Chagiga, getting into the dancing groove with the students. Purim Costume contest winners were Yaakov Burack, Michael Sher, and Netanel Lederer, who dressed as the Lander College for Men cleaning crew, while Mendy Eisenberg and Asi Kent came in second place. Like they do annually, a fundraising group went out to collect tzedaka for the yeshiva on Purim night, while more than sixty students spent Purim morning learning for several hours as part of the Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik program.

David Borochov

March 22, 2016

Contrary to other countries in Europe, the Jewish community in Austria is steadily growing—“not fast,” qualifies soft-spoken Vienna native David Borochov, “taking its time, but growing.”

Shmuel Yudelzon

March 07, 2016

There are only ten shomer-shabbos families in Bulgaria, and Shmuel Yudelzon’s family is one of them. (“Three of the other families,” he adds with a smile, “are kiruv rabbis from outside of Bulgaria.”) 

Lander College for Men Welcomes Graduates for Annual Alumni Shabbaton

February 26, 2016

New York, N.Y.– More than 100 former students returned to their alma mater for the sixth annual Lander College for Men (LCM) Alumni Shabbaton.

Chanukah at LCM

December 16, 2015

The dancing was spirited, and “the joy and exuberance in the room was simply electric,” said R’ Bamberger. “All of the Torah and friendship seamlessly merged into one as the Rebbeim and talmidim sang and danced together.” The Carlos and Gabby’s dinner reminded us of the miracle of oil, of course.

Spotlight on Judah Hammer

October 29, 2015

How old are you? 32

Where do you live? Woodmere, New York

Where do you work? Meridian Capital, located in Battery Park, which is the leading mortgage brokerage in the country.   I’ve been at Meridian for 10 years.

Daniel Bentley: Finding the Underlying Mechanism

October 12, 2015

“I was always fascinated by the brain,” begins Daniel Bentley, LCM ’14. “Every little new discovery leads to many more question.”