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Annual Camp Dora Golding Shabbaton is a Hit

May 18, 2015

On the heels of the Lag Ba’Omer festivities came this year’s annual Camp Dora Golding Shabbaton, which was as fun-filled and active as ever.

LCM Athletes Earn Intramural Sports Awards

May 14, 2015

This past week, Lander College for Men (LCM) held its annual awards ceremony to recognize outstanding athletes in LCM’s intramural basketball and football leagues. The following athletes received awards presented by Irv Bader, Touro College’s Director of Athletics:

Lag Ba’Omer at LCM

May 11, 2015

LCM talmidim celebrated the eve of Lag Ba’Omer with singing, dancing, and bonfires with R’ Bamberger. The next day, basketballs and footballs went flying as inter-shiur sports competitions got underway. (Even R' Mirsky joined in, with his shiur teammates!) Students in R’ Sacks’ shiur creamed both competitions, winning dinner at the restaurant of their choice as their prize.

Alumni Reunite at Back-to-Yeshiva Week

May 07, 2015

Over 80 alumni returned to Lander College for Men for its first-ever Back-to-Yeshiva Week, a four-day program of chizuk and socializing with former rebbeim and classmates.

Student Government Elections as Competitive and Entertaining as Ever

May 01, 2015

Last year, LCM’s annual Student Government (SGO) elections showed the highest voter turnout to date. This year, twenty undergraduate students—the highest number of candidates running in the history of the school—ran for office. (“It’s indicative of how highly engaged our students are in the school,” remarked Dean Moshe Sokol regarding the stats, “when ten percent of the student body wants to serve on student government.”)

Post-Pesach In-Shabbos Festivities

April 27, 2015

There’s nothing that quite welcomes you home to LCM like an in-Shabbos—complete with Frisbee and football on Friday, and R’ Bamberger and R’ Mirsky during Shabbos itself. Working off that week-long matzah (and the more recent day’s SGO-sponsored pizza lunch!) with some sports erev Shabbos was a welcome transition to the daily grind of college. 

A Blitz to the End

March 16, 2015

Ready, set, learn!

Israel Anteby: Leaving Room for Adventure

March 12, 2015

At LCM, Israel Anteby was a go-getter. 

The Last Winter Hurrah

March 09, 2015

Even if this record-breaking winter might have hampered some mishloach-manos deliveries on Purim and postponed the annual Presidents Day weekend ski trip (due to frigid temperatures!) to the day after Purim, at least it meant that Hunter Mountain had some pretty awesome slopes. LCM took advantage of the last snow of the season (we hope?) with an SGO-subsidized skiing trip organized by student Eli Feder. 

Snow on Purim? That Won’t Stop LCM

March 09, 2015

Though this winter has been one of the coldest since 1934, it did nothing to dampen the high Purim spirits at Lander College for Men (LCM). While snowflakes fell furiously, blanketing the streets of Queens, LCM guys were heating up the dance floor as they celebrated their beach-luau-themed Purim as festively as ever.