Shmuel Yudelzon

March 07, 2016

There are only ten shomer-shabbos families in Bulgaria, and Shmuel Yudelzon’s family is one of them. (“Three of the other families,” he adds with a smile, “are kiruv rabbis from outside of Bulgaria.”) 

Lander College for Men Welcomes Graduates for Annual Alumni Shabbaton

February 26, 2016

New York, N.Y.– More than 100 former students returned to their alma mater for the sixth annual Lander College for Men (LCM) Alumni Shabbaton.

Chanukah at LCM

December 16, 2015

The dancing was spirited, and “the joy and exuberance in the room was simply electric,” said R’ Bamberger. “All of the Torah and friendship seamlessly merged into one as the Rebbeim and talmidim sang and danced together.” The Carlos and Gabby’s dinner reminded us of the miracle of oil, of course.

Spotlight on Judah Hammer

October 29, 2015

How old are you? 32

Where do you live? Woodmere, New York

Where do you work? Meridian Capital, located in Battery Park, which is the leading mortgage brokerage in the country.   I’ve been at Meridian for 10 years.

Daniel Bentley: Finding the Underlying Mechanism

October 12, 2015

“I was always fascinated by the brain,” begins Daniel Bentley, LCM ’14. “Every little new discovery leads to many more question.”

Meet the New Students

October 05, 2015

Now that orientation week is over and students are settling into classes at Lander College for Men, we asked six new students to share a bit about their backgrounds, career plans, and decisions to choose Touro. Take a few seconds to meet Abie, Eli, Akiva, Jordan, Binyamin, and Baruch, and you'll see why they represent everything that's uniquely LCM.

Lander College for Men Kicks Off Orientation for New Students

September 08, 2015

For Five-Towns native Aharon Rubel, attending Lander College for Men was “a given” after attending Shaalvim in Israel. Although he has yet to declare a major, the DRS alumnus said he was “excited about the awesome learning environment, with great rebbeim—you can’t really get this combination anywhere else.” 

Welcome, New Students!

August 27, 2015

Graduates from the Class of 2015 share words of advice, and a warm welcome, to the new students at Lander College for Men.

Torah or Academics? No Need to Choose

August 21, 2015

As devout as he is smart, David Manheim knew he was in the right place when he arrived from Israel to study at The Lander College for Men.  A longtime yeshiva student, he was grateful for the school’s dual mission of challenging academics coupled with a commitment to Torah learning. “There was a tremendously positive environment among the students and a flexibility among the faculty,” says Manheim, who graduated in 2008 with a Mathematics degree. 

Summers of Experience: Six Students and Their Internships

August 12, 2015

For college students, summer internships are valued opportunities that provide rich learning experience and hands-on training in their chosen professions. At LCM, students actively pursue, and attain, internships in fields that give them a brief taste of their future careers. This summer, Touro visited six students at their respective internship sites to learn more about their responsibilities on the job, their work environments, and what advice they’d give to other students pursuing internships.