Annual Camp Dora Golding Shabbaton is a Hit

LCM students spent time relaxing before finals at the annual Shabbaton in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.

May 18, 2015

Friday afternoon featured a line-up of sports competitions, including basketball, baseball, tennis, Frisbee, fishing, and boating on the lake. Jonathan Yousefzadeh and Yudi Steinberg won the annual marathon; Eliezer Feder won the Slam Dunk Tournament; Sammy Kahn and Coby Dorfman beat everyone at tennis; and Zev Senter took home the prize for heaviest fish.

On Friday evening, everyone congregated in the shul for a leibedig kabbalos Shabbos and dancing at Lecha Dodi. After the delicious seuda, students enjoyed a tisch with cholent and singing led by Rabbi Mirsky. 

Shabbos day featured a shiur by Rabbi Shmulewitz during shacharis, Rabbi Bamberger’s daily daf yomi shiur to his chabura, and one by Dean Sokol after Kiddush (on the Tanur of Achna’i and the impact of machlokes le-shem shamayim on the life of Rabbi Eliezer.) There was lots of LCM ruach and zemiros during the delicious seuda, with impromptu dancing and singing in the lunchroom. “We all lost our voices,” commented Aaron Kattan, LCM ’15. After the Shabbos drasha given by Beis Medrash L’Talmud Shoel U’Meshiv Rabbi Weiss, guys chilled by the lake and gazebo, or spent some time learning. Rabbi Bamberger gave a powerful and novel shmuz during Seuda shlishi about mashiach and the importance of viewing each person in klal yisrael as a holy vessel of the beis hamikdash.

After havdala, guys got ready to head to the courts: The popular two-on-two chavrusa basketball tournament was on. Out of 12 simultaneous basketball games emerged the victorious duo of Zev Senter and Moshe Nissan Alpert. And then it was a melave malka with pizza, ice cream and fries.

Sunday shiur was cancelled to give students a chance to rest up, and busses returned to LCM that evening. It was back to the beis medrash early Monday for morning seder.