Cholent and Dessert Bake-Off Highlight In Shabbos

Avrumi Weiser Cleans Up in Annual Competitions

December 10, 2013
Avrumi Weiser, People\'s Choice Winner of the 2013 Cholent Cook-off and Bake-off, with his "Golden Crock Pot" and "Golden Platter" awards.

After already trying 11 cholents, poor/lucky Rav Shmulewitz tasted all 16 desserts, including a pareve cheese cake, truffles, roasted nuts, peanut butter cake and chocolate mousse. He ruled that Yonah Laster was the baker extraordinaire with his "Death by Chocolate" mousse cake, for which he took home a $100 Visa gift card. The people's vote went to Weiser once again for his Oreo cream pie, and he can place a "Golden Pan" next to the Golden Crockpot on the mantle above his fireplace. Or he could if there were any fireplaces in the dorms. Rav Shmulewitz gave a shiur on emunah: buy one lottery ticket or buy 20? It doesn’t matter. If Hashem wants you to win, you’ll win. When Shabbos ended we reconvened for a chill Melavah Malkah of pizza and board games. After the raucous Chanukah Chagiga from last week—not to mention all the cholent—low key was probably the way to go. Anyone up for dinner at Avrumi’s?