Daniel Bentley: Finding the Underlying Mechanism

“I’ve always loved analyzing and studying people, in hopes to learn more about the ways the mind works.”

October 12, 2015

To satisfy a portion of his curiosity during college, Daniel joined the research laboratory of Dr. Leib Litman for two years at Lander College for Men.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in psychology, the 2014 alumnus was accepted to Hofstra University’s PhD program in clinical psychology. His research now focuses on motivational psychology—the mind processes that guide us to goal-oriented behaviors.

In a way, his interest in motivational psychology stems from his recollections of a childhood he could’ve had.

“I was a lazy kid in elementary school, academically. I look back on my grades and SAT scores, and I realize I was only a shell of what I could’ve been…Had someone pulled me aside and found a way to motivate me more, then maybe I would’ve been more inspired in school and in my learning.”

This is Daniel Bentley’s story.