Eli Sinnreich: Building Trust

“Our profession is based upon the idea of trust.”

October 19, 2016

“The most important thing I learned at Lander is how to represent the Orthodox religious community in the work place,” explained Sinnreich, CPA.  

As an audit manager at one of the leading accounting firms in the world, Deloitte, Sinnreich evaluates the financial books of large corporations. While a head for numbers is a prerequisite for the job, Sinnreich says there’s something else that auditors must have.

“Our profession is based upon the idea of trust,” said Sinnreich who lives in North Woodmere with his wife and two children. “We’re at the forefront of the marketplace… Investors can say this company is a viable company to invest in because they have a piece of paper that states that their books are kept correctly.”

And being able to provide that sense of trust and honesty is one of the lessons he gained from LCM, both from the LCM staff and the classes devoted to Jewish and secular ethics.

“What LCM taught me about ethics translates into my daily life,” he said. “Seeing how the rebbeim and professors lead their lives — having that honesty through everything that they do — taught me that this was the way I needed to live my life.”