Fruits and Fro-yo: LCM’s Tu’ b’Shvat Tisch

At LCM, we match our snacks of choice to the weather outside.

February 10, 2015

On Tuesday evening after Maariv, LCM talmidim enjoyed fruits and Berrylicious fro-yo as they celebrated the holiday in a Tisch with the Mashgiach.

As the lights dimmed and candles were lit for the kumsitz, LCM students sang slow songs to the accompaniment of drums and bongos. Rabbi Bamberger delivered a dvar Torah, speaking about the importance of planting “trees” for future generations even if the planter may not personally gain benefit from the trees himself. (He brought in the example of Dr. Bernard Lander, a”h, as a case in point: Dr. Lander built Torah and educational instituations in his eighties, even though he knew he may not be able to see the “fruits” of his labor.) 

It was good Tu b’Shvat came when it did: it was a bright reminder that we wouldn’t be trapped in a winter Juno forever.