Going All (Hanisim) Out to Celebrate Chanukah

Students Learn, Dance and Compete at the Annual Chagiga

December 05, 2013

When we finally sat down to partake in our Mexican grub, it was time for some friendly competition, i.e. the annual Menorah and Dreidel contests. The stakes were high and the competition cut-throat with a $100 Visa gift card going to each winner. Though there were several worthy candidates including a Mustache Menorah another made of shtenders (the key here is that, technically, the Menorahs didn’t have to be Kosher), the clear winner was Clarence Wilcox’s golf-themed Chanukiah. Alex Mehl emerged victorious from the dreidel contest, at one point spinning seven straight Gimmels. And yes, the dreidel was tested for PEDs, or at least it should have been.