LCM Celebrates Chanukah on Campus

Light-hearted fun (and lights!) abound.

January 05, 2015

During the week, each Rebbe hosted his own mesiba for the students in his respective shiur—either in his home or during lunch at school. And of course the highlight of the week was the school-wide mesiba on the final night of Chanukah. After lighting all eight candles, students heard Rabbi Doniel Lander, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Or Hachaim and Chancellor of Touro College, give a dvar torah on the mitzvah of pirsumei nisah. And then it was off to eat and dance. The miracle of oil was of course commemorated with delicious latkes and Chinese food from Cho-Sen, but before long our very own Lander Band’s leibedic music called everyone to the dance floor with the rebbeim. But it might just have been Dean Ratner and Rabbi Kirschenbaum on the harmonica that stole the show.