LCM Elect 2016-2017 Student Government

Candidates elected, others re-elected, for SGO.

May 16, 2016

Candidates delivered their stump speeches, while students enjoyed a complimentary lunch. Mendy Eisenberg, who was SGO’s vice president last year, was elected as President. Gavriel Hashimi won as Vice President, Nachi Penn as Treasurer, Yudi Steinberg as Beis Medrash Representative, along with Ben Penn and Dovid Gold (“Go for the Gold!” was the audience’s chant as he approached the podium) both for Upper Class Representatives.

In the race between Shlomo Laufer and Baruch Michalowicz for the position of secretary, Michalowicz emerged the winner.

Michalowicz, who shared the story of his dramatic arrival to New York from Canada (well, dramatic for a Canadian not used to NYC personalities and traffic), spoke about serious improvements he wants to bring to LCM, such as increasing the number of shtenders in the beis medrash and (only half-joking,) ensuring that there are sufficient raisin bagels for everyone at breakfast. Michalow told the student body to vote for him if they wanted a “smooth ride through college” - unlike the bumpy and slightly dangerous car ride he took upon arriving in New York.

Three students won the position of Under Class Representative: Noam Laks, Ari Weinberger, and Ari Sher. Sher’s memorable speech included several noteworthy statements, such as “Ask not what Lander can do for you, but what you can do for Lander,” and “It's not about flying fast [through college], it's about how you fly.” In his latter quote, a reference to many students’ attempt to finish college as fast as possible, he stressed how he wants students’ years at LCM to be an “exciting experience for everyone,” no matter how many years they spend here.

Congratulations to the newest leaders of LCM’s Student Government Organization!

President: Mendy Eisenberg

Vice President: Gavriel Hashimi

Treasurer: Nachi Penn

Secretary: Baruch Michalowicz

Beis Medrash Representative: Yudi Steinberg

Upper Class Representatives: Ben Penn and Dovid Gold

Under Class Representatives: Noam Laks, Ari Weinberger, Ari Sher