Magic Mehl

A magical start to the new semester

February 10, 2014
  • After borrowing a cell phone from an audience member, Alex promptly smashed it to bits. But then Alex made it appear whole once more. He still couldn’t get a signal, though.
  • Alex passed around a closed milk carton, filled with water. But when the audience poured a cup from the container, out came cups of Coke, apple juice, Snapple, chocolate milk, 7UP and water, by turn. 
  • When he was challenged about the validity of his magic, Alex’s staff turned into a snake and ate the…whoops, wrong show.
  • Alex’s dad served as his assistant, handcuffing him and chaining him up before throwing the magician into a locked box. A curtain was raised and, voila! Alex was free and his erstwhile assistant was suddenly the prisoner in the box, chains et al. Hope someone remembered to take him out. 
  • Finally, Alex asked a volunteer to open a book to a random page and write down the first word, as well as the page number. Not only was the clairvoyant Alex able to correctly guess the word and page number, but he instructed the members of the audience to look under their chairs. One lucky Lander student found an envelope. Inside was the ripped-out page. Everyone was speechless, except for the guy who was reading the book. He was pretty mad.

Alex has had a lot of practice doing his act as he and his father perform professionally. After he graduates Alex plans on going into real estate and hopes that he can make homes disappear from the market in an instant. Get it, cause he’s a magician and the homes will disappear like ma…oh forget it.