Scavenger Hunt

This past motzei shabbos saw LCM students singing in the streets, asking strangers for autographs and lying face-down in random places. Completely sober. And (mostly) sane.

December 05, 2011

Returning to LCM for food and judgment on their finds, photos and video performances, the consensus was that students even surprised themselves with their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Shmuely Saklad, LCM graduate and semicha student, was amazed at how there wasn’t a lot of overlap in what the guys brought back. “It really showcased our creativity. And that apparently there are things we’d do in public we never would have thought (and normally would not do).”

Josh Sturm, assistant to the menahel and one of the judges, was also impressed by the creativity and enjoyed seeing what the LCM men are capable of outside of the classroom and beis medrash. “Some of the most creative entries involved the boys doing a random acapella song in public. It was funny to watch the video of the boys singing random songs on Main Street in front of everyone. Another item required them asking people for their autograph without telling them it was for a scavenger hunt. It was nice to see just how creative everyone can get.”

Don’t let the word get out.