Summer with Ernst and Young

LCM’s Ryan Libesman Talks About Succeeding at an Internship

September 26, 2017

“It was a fantastic experience,” recalled Libesman, who is set to graduate in January. “I had the opportunity to really get a hands-on experience and first-hand insight into the accounting profession -  specifically the auditing service line. I had the opportunity to network with some really great people and make good friends.”

Libesman, a native of Philadelphia, has been making the most of his time off from LCM. His previous internships and work experiences included the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, where Touro students helped low-income taxpayers file their tax return, and an accounting internship for the Keystone Property Group in Philadelphia.

“I worked in in their accounting department,” said Libesman. “They would have lots of records of their transactions and it was my job to audit their records by breaking down the transaction by their dates and categories. I also reviewed investor agreements.”

After graduating from MTA high school, Libesman spent two years at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh in Israel before joining LCM.

“Attending LCM was one of the best choices I made,” Libesman explained. “I have really good friends here and great learning opportunities. There’s a great chevra of guys.”

Libesman worked on two different auditing engagements with an Ernst and Young team. He explained that the auditing teams are the backbone of the business world.

“Our job is to instill security into the financial markets,” he said. “We test a company’s financial statements. The job of an external auditor is to verify the numbers and make sure everything a company is doing is legal and not misrepresenting the numbers on the books.”

Libesman said that the transition from class to the working world is a bit difficult, but an exciting opportunity to use the skills he acquired at LCM.

“There are problems that don’t always have a simple solution,” explained Libesman. “You have to take what you learn and figure out how to apply it.”

He continued: “I approached problems by realizing I might not have the exact answer, but I do have the relevant knowledge that I can utilize to come to some type of answer.”

Several classes at LCM helped Libesman make a strong impression at the prestigious accounting firm.

“Professor Charles Snow was an excellent teacher,” stated Libesman. “A lot of what he said came to life during the internship. Professor Chayim Herskowitz gave me a strong foundation and he’s definitely been an influential figure for me.”

Libesman also mentioned the several classes he took using the Microsoft Office program Excel.

“Excel is one of the most powerful tools in the auditing arsenal,” he said.

Another part of his success, he said, was the dual curriculum at LCM.

“Because you have a much more pressing schedule to begin with, you learn how to manage your time more efficiently,” said Libesman. “You have to utilize every moment. That's a crucial skill to have in the workforce.”

Libesman offered the following advice for his classmates during an internship.

“Make sure to come into work every day with a strong willingness to learn,” Libesman stated. “If you don’t have any major professional experience they won’t expect you to know everything. What you can do is give it your all and be passionate about what you do.”