Welcome, New Students!

As the new school year begins, we welcome you to the Lander College for Men family.

August 27, 2015

"Take advantage of the LCM community to talk to alumni, who are usually here for morning and night sedarim." "Make your schedule as efficient and productive as possible to maximize your learning time." "Create relationships with professors and rebbeim; they can assist in all matters of limudei kodesh and chol." "Although it's a packed day, make sure you have time to hang out with friends and play sports."

Graduates of the class of 2015—David Bamshad, Ariel Baradarian, Asher Dobin, Yossi Edelman, Josh Gabbay, Aaron Kattan, Gabe Mandel, Nahum Twersky, Binyamin Weiss, and Jonathan Yousefzadeh—offer some valuable pieces of advice to incoming students.