You Have a “Minute to Win It”

LCM's take on the comedic game show

November 26, 2014

Emceed by Underclass Representative Mendy Eisenberg, the game show was a roaring hit as students and Beis Medrash alum competed in ten deceptively simple tasks — each of which had to be completed in only a minute. And if there wasn’t enough pressure already, you were being timed by an oversized clock counting down the seconds left and loudly buzzing when time was up. Tasks included stacking 36 plastic cups into a pyramid, knocking over several cans with a yo-yo tied to the back of one’s waist, and keeping three balloons off the ground for a minute. (If you think the last one was easy, Student Life Director Ariel Kopitnikoff will quickly correct you: “It’s been the only task that no student has been able to complete, for the second year straight.”) Prizes, which ranged from a onezie superman costume to a stretchy dorm chair, were awarded to the student winners.