Post-Pesach Program

Continue serious learning after Pesach in the US while getting a head start on your college education. We offer two consecutive mini-sessions during which you can earn up to six credits during the first session, and six to eight credits during the second session, for a total of 12 - 14 credits. 

Register for one or two courses and jump-start your college career. Classes meet Monday & Wednesdays and  Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Post-Pesach Program / April 10 - June 7, 2018

Course Code CRN Course Title Credits Instructor Classroom
Monday & Wednesday: 2:45pm - 3:30pm
JSLN 142.1 17446 Introduction to Jewish Law: Kashrut 1 Rabbi Rafael Shmulewitz 212
Monday & Wednesday: 3:40pm - 6:00pm
EBMN 101 17438 Principls of Management 3 Prof. Michelle Wang Faculty Lounge
MCON 140 17437 Computer Concepts with Microcomputer Applications 3 Prof. Samuel Abrahamson 315
Tuesday & Thursday: 3:40pm - 5:55pm
PSYN 101 17439 Introduction to Psychology 3 Prof. Cheryl Miodownik 211
CPPN 150 17440 The Physical Universe 3 Prof. Jacob Newman 214

Continue after Pesach with our Summer Session* / June 11 - July 12, 2018

Tentative Course Offerings:

Abnormal Psychology
Advanced Computer Business Applications
Business Law I
Business Report Writing
Calculus II
College Math
Computer Concepts
Corporate Finance
English Composition II
Jewish History
Principles of Finance
Principles of Management
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Statistics for Social Sciences

*Students may enroll in either college classes or learning program or both.


Dormitory Students

3 credits: $1,405
4 credits: $1,580
6 credits: $1,970
7 credits: $2,145

Non-Dormitory Students:

3 credits: $960
6 credits: $1,585

Learning and Dormitory Only: $550

Optional Meal Plan: $725

Additional 1 credit, $175 - Introduction to Jewish Law: Kashrut

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