Alan Perry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology, Deputy Chair, Psychology Department

Alan Perry

Dr. Alan Perry earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Fordham University and has served as head of the Department of Psychology at Kings County Hospital Center, as Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, and as Deputy Director of Mental Services at the Riker’s Island Correctional Facility.



Panel Discussion of Eating Disorders and other Addictive Behaviors (co-sponsored by Touro College & OU, January and April 2012) 

All Day Seminar on Forensic Psychology (Lander College for Women, May 19, 2011) 

Poster Session – 1) Factors Influencing Perception of Racial Bias in Interaction with the Police; 2) Scenario Based Conjoint Analysis Predicting Aggression (TouroCOM, Fall 2011)