Study what you believe in.

Lander College for Men and the Beis Medrash L’Talmud provide a singular opportunity for young men who are as determined to succeed as they are devoted to Torah study.

The dual program teaches students the immeasurable value of balance and dedication. Within a supportive and Torah-rich environment, we provide a challenging academic program that will equip you with a superb education you can use, as well as expand and deepen your knowledge of Torah.

Academic Rigor

Our academic offerings fully prepare you to meet the demands of your ideal career or graduate program. From honors options to a chance to do your own research, our programs strengthen skills and sharpen minds. And the work pays off. Our graduates get into top medical schools, find jobs at renowned firms, and start careers as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, accountants, businessmen, and dentists.

Students who Succeed

Our students are passionate and focused—their skill in learning is matched only by their love of learning. Most mornings and evenings are spent in shiur or preparing for it, with college classes in the afternoons. The academic and intellectual challenges are rigorous and the schedule is demanding, but it allows you to commit to your gemara learning while advancing your college education. Many graduates find that mastering this balancing act is key to later success.

Community and Camaraderie

We are a small, tight-knit community, brought together by our shared values and our devotion to Torah and klal yisrael. We encourage and challenge one another to think deeply, speak clearly, and continually grow. Leading us by example, our deans, roshei yeshiva, rebbeim, and faculty are truly invested in the well being of every student. Together, we cultivate an atmosphere charged with intelligent conversation and rigorous Talmudic debate, the warmth of the tisch, and the comfort of home.

Your Education, Your Experience

At Lander College for Men and the Beis Medrash L’Talmud, your ideas will be heard, your goals respected and achieved.

Our support for our students is unequivocal because we want everyone to thrive, in yeshiva, in class, and in life. It is our highest goal to instill in students the confidence, skill, and strength of principle to excel in their career, remain committed to learning, and to become leaders in their communities.