Individual attention. Small classes. Serious rewards.

Academics at Lander College for Men are both demanding and fulfilling. But our student body is small and selective, and our faculty dedicated to the success of each student, so you’ll never feel lost or overlooked. The work you do here will ask you to read closely, analyze deeply, and articulate your original thoughts and ideas.

Whatever your program of study, be prepared to work hard and engage in great conversation. We encourage our students to form their own opinions and voice them, in class and beyond. In courses ranging from business ethics to “B2B” marketing, the science of immunology to the history of the Jewish people, Lander professors require you to think critically and for yourself.

In addition to accelerated honors programs for highly-motivated students, we offer ample co-curricular and independent research opportunities. You can publish your work in The State of Things, a journal of student thought and analysis; compete in national academic competitions; present research at professional conferences; or join one of three national honor societies with chapters at the College.

This is your education, and we encourage you to forge your own path, knowing that you’ll have all of the guidance and support you need to find the success you are capable of.