We have a passion for learning.

Walk into the beis medrash at any time and you can feel it in the energy in the room, in the give and take between the students, in the dynamic with rebbeim. 


The Beis Medrash L’Talmud breathes life into our principles and strengthens our foundation in Torah study. In this space, students, kollel members, shoelim u’mayshivimroshei chaburahrebbeim and roshei yeshiva learn side by side and vigorously debate the sugya. Here, your peers become your friends, and your rebbe becomes a trusted mentor. You will grow alongside your chevra, supporting and bolstering each other in your learning. As your commitment to Torah deepens and flourishes, so too does our community. And the bonds built in the Beis Medrash extend beyond its walls.

Our Kollel members are active participants in the yeshiva, another resource for students. Once a week after night seder, they open their homes to students for good food, group song, and learning. On Tuesday mornings, and during night seder, the kollel members lead small chaburas in learning and conversation, which is as much an opportunity to discuss a text as it is to get to know one another and share experiences and insight.


Daily Learning

We offer six shiurim ranging in level and focus, from skills-building and bekiyus shiurim to deeply analytical shiurim that probe the conceptual underpinning of the sugya.

You attend morning seder to prepare for shiur with others learning the same masechta. Once a week, the Rosh HaYeshiva gathers everyone for shiur klali, which provides a broad and penetrating overview of topics covered during morning seder.

During night seder you can pursue your own interests, either independently or with a chavrusa. It’s a great chance to expand your horizons—take on the challenge of an unfamiliar sefer, participate in a bekiyus shiur on the masechta or join kollel members in chugim to discuss contemporary halacha, parsha,  machshava and other topics.

Though regular seder and shiur constitute the bulk of your learning, there are also hashkafa and mussar shiurim with the mashgiach ruchani and the Rosh HaYeshiva’s weekly machshava sicha. There are ample opportunities for Torah outside the beis medrash as well, with guest speakers at Rosh Chodesh breakfast and on other occasions.

From early morning until late at night you can hear the hum of Torah study in the beis medrash. Rebbeim circulate and young married men serve as mentors. But it is the students themselves, and the palpable energy they create in the beis medrash which truly inspires.

Ultimately, our students—whether they continue in the rabbinate or pursue a professional career—go on to become leaders of their communities, dedicated to strengthening klal yisrael, empowered by their learning.