Strengthening Jewish life across the U.S. and Israel.

Under the leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Yonason Sacks, the 2-3 year semicha program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in sugyos hashas and deepen your understanding of halacha, while providing the practical education necessary for success in chinuch and rabbonus.

Each year, we prepare our talmidim to serve their communities as educators, advocates, and leaders. Students have the chance to learn under the guidance of six roshei yeshiva, a kollel elyon, three sho’elim umeishivim, a mashgiach, and visiting talmidei chachamim who add to our archive of shiurim that spans all topics and interests. Rabbi Eliyahu Soloveichik and Rabbi Yonason Sacks serve as bochanim, Rabbi Chaim Kirschenbaum and Rabbi Zvi Sokol are magidei shiur and the program is coordinated by Rabbi Yitzchak Genack, who also teaches in the program.

Semicha Study

Rabbonus Track

Geared to prepare future rabbonim to address issues of pesak, our rabbonus track teaches homiletic and pastoral skills and allows talmidim to enroll in masters programs in Jewish Studies, Education, or Psychology.

Chinuch Track

Students studying for semicha may pursue a masters degree in Education, Special Education, School Psychology, or Jewish Studies with a specialization in Jewish Education. 

Daily Learning

Talmidim spend morning and night seder in yeshiva limmud and preparing for semicha. For two years, students delve into basar ve-chalav and selected topics in hilchos Shabbos, as well as ta’aroves and hagalas kelim. The third year, while optional, is a critical opportunity to explore more nuanced topics, like hilchos niddah and avelus. Additional classes address contemporary issues confronting rabbonim, as well as homiletics, pastoral, and managerial skills.

Serving Klal Yisrael

Internships and Placements

Our Department of Community Relations helps place students who complete the program in shuls, schools, and communities locally and throughout the country. Students may be asked to give shiurim, lead a community program, or teach in a local school, depending upon their career aspirations.

Our alumni are becoming leaders and respected members of their communities. They serve klal yisrael in synagogues and schools across New York and the nation, each a testament to the depth and power of the experience and education available at the Beis Medrash L’Talmud.

Students interested in applying to the semicha program should email Rabbi Ari Manheim or call him at (718) 820-4919.