A Winning Shabbos

Lander students enjoyed the first in-shabbos of the year

October 11, 2013

The festivities began with friendly games of football, soccer, basketball and frisbee on erev Shabbos. We took it down a few notches on Shabbos, of course, and enjoyed a spirited tisch with Rav Mirsky, including a Q&A session. Can someone who holds that it’s forbidden to open a sealed bottle on Shabbos ask someone who holds that it’s permissible to open it for them? We discussed raising children in American vs. Israel, learning full time vs. going to college, living in Israel and closet gedolim. 

On motzei Shabbos we assembled for pizza, smoothies and “make your own” waffles to play our own version of the game show “Minute to Win It,” the only differences being that there weren’t any TV cameras or six-figure prizes. The first competition required contestants to transport golf and ping-pong balls from boxes to a table and then back again using only their mouths—their hands having been tied behind their backs—and was won by Shai Kopitnikoff. Eli Feder and Michael Sher emerged victorious in the next game in which one person had to wrap a full roll of toilet paper around his partner in a minute. The night’s most exciting contest produced no winners. Turns out it’s pretty hard to keep three balloons in the air for a full minute!