Always Room to Grow

LCM Helped Lee Gherman Pursue His Passion for Dentistry

June 04, 2019

“It’s very appealing to be in a place where they’re very serious about learning Torah, very serious about secular academics and very serious about making it work together,” said Gherman, a general practitioner at Big Smile Dental. “That was what led me there and it was the right decision. It set me up for success.”

Early on in his college career, Gherman realized he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a practicing dentist. “My father was a general dentist and I saw how rewarding it was for him,” recalled Gherman who grew up in East Meadow, NY. “Growing up, my father always had time for us. I wanted to be a dentist so I would be able to have that extra time for my family.”

During his time at LCM, Gherman majored in biology and took advantage of LCM’s stellar science faculty department, especially the classes offered by Biology Department Chair Dr. Kenneth Danishevsky and Chemistry Department Chair Dr. Ann Shinnar.

After finishing his undergraduate degree in 2006, Gherman was accepted into many prominent dental schools in the greater New York area. He chose New York University’s College of Dentistry. After graduating in 2010, he did a year-long residency at New York Hospital Queens.

“Dentistry is an art form. Every little minute detail of the tooth makes a difference,” said Gherman. “But it’s also an art form that allows you to connect and help others. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to help someone who has a problem with their teeth. You are able to see patients come in to your office in pain but leave smiling.”

After his residency, Gherman joined his brother’s dental practice, Big Smile Dental, in West Hempstead.

“There is always something new to learn and a way to get better,” Gherman concluded. “Our teachers at Lander College pushed that on us. Taking that lesson into my career has propelled me forward and keeps me growing and keeps me learning.”