Dessert with the Dean

An opportunity to hear from with every student

November 29, 2011
Dessert with the dean

Over danishes we’ve had conversations about everything from the use of calculators during certain math courses to how much oversight the rebbeim should have over students’ lives; we’ve discussed the transition from learning in Israel to a dual curriculum program and the lighting in the beis medrash, as well as feedback on specific courses and activities. I’ve learned a lot about our strengths and where there is room for improvement, where we could cut back, where there’s room for growth and where we’re doing it just right. As much as I’ve learned though, for me, probably the most important aspect of the dessert discussions is reinforcing the feeling among students that my door is always open, and to break the ice, if you will, so each student truly feels that he can meet with me, and will be heard. That together we can continue to make Lander College for Men ever better.