High-Flyers Star in Annual Intramural Basketball Tournament

Eat Your Heart Out, Andrew Wiggins

December 30, 2013
Irv Bader presented the awards for LCM\'s 2013 Annual Intramural Basketball Tournament.

At the award ceremony, Coach Irv Bader presented Gomez with the Most Valuable Player trophy for his sterling play in the title game: In addition to averaging 67 points for the playoffs, Gomez set up Zadeh’s game-winning Tomahawk jam with a through-the-legs no-look pass. Ariel Baradarian received the Most Improved Player Award, in no small part because of the development of his court vision. After averaging .6 assists last year, he led the league with a shade under 23 dimes a game in 2013.*

*Other than Gomez and Baradarian’s awards, several points here may have been embellished.