Hypnotist Comes to LCM Melave Malka

At the LCM Melave Malka, floods of laughter ensue.

January 29, 2015
Hypnotist Ronnie Baras visits Lander College for Men

This past Parshas Noach, SGO brought in comic mentalist Ronnie Baras to entertain students during a recent Motzai Shabbos Melave Malka. 

Hilarity ensued. And if the story of Noach didn’t come alive in the Parsha reading that morning, it certainly did later on in the evening when Coby Dorfman was hypnotized to believe he was Noach.

Coby, meanwhile, cannot remember any of his antics. “I’ve watched the video clips too, so I’m not sure what I remember is actually what I remember or if my memories came from watching the videos afterwards and hearing my friends replay the events,” he said.