In Memoriam: Rabbi Barry Nathan

Dr. Moshe Sokol, Dean of Lander College for Men, Reflects on the Life and Pivotal Role of Lander’s Longtime Director of Admissions

September 10, 2020
Rabbi Barry Nathan

I myself spent untold hours with Rabbi Nathan, in the office and on the road in Israel. Being with him always made me feel good. Not only was he supremely competent at what he did, but he deeply cared about the well-being of every student with whom he came into contact. And he looked out not only for their physical and financial well-being, but for their psychological and religious well-being as well. His deepest commitment was to the fullest flourishing, in ruchniyus and gashmiyus, of all students. Many students retained their relationship with him even after they entered Lander College for Men, for his advice and ongoing help. He even offered marriage classes to some of our students as well, an invaluable service in its own right.

Prior to his work at LCM, he served for many years with the National Council on Synagogue Youth (NCSY), and was mekarev hundreds of young men and women to lives of Torah and mitzvos. His work at LCM carried forward this mission. Rabbi Nathan was one of a kind, and can never be truly replaced. His loss was a deeply personal one to the many colleagues and friends he had at LCM and beyond, from which it will take us a very long time to recover. May his memory be blessed. Yehi Zichro Baruch.