Lag B’Omer Celebrations

Smoke and cheers were in the air on Sunday as Lander students celebrated Lag B’Omer with gourmet barbecue, courtesy of master chef Tzvi Norowitz (the secret is in the sauce) and ‘shiur’ basketball tournaments.

May 02, 2013

Rabbi Sacks, Rabbi Shmulewitz and Rabbi Tannenbaum stood on the sidelines cheering on their ‘shiur’ as their students competed against one another, and kollel, on the basketball court. Rabbi Mirsky joined his students on the court to fight for the title. In the end, only Rabbi Sacks’ shiur and the Rabbis Mirsky & Berzon shiur combo were left standing. Rabbi Mirsky’s and Rabbi Berzon’s shiurim emerged victorious. Wives and kids came out to cheer and eat. God arranged for the gorgeous day.