LCM’s In-Shabbos Extravaganza

A cholent cook-off, dessert bake-off and Lander’s own Magic Mehl

December 29, 2014

On Shabbos day, students sampled tables of cakes, cookies, brownies and desserts during the lavish kiddush following davening. The winning dessert was a triple-layer cookies-and-cream-marble cake whipped up by LCM junior Jordan Mitchell and sophomore Avi Teitlbaum.

“It was a mixture of design and taste,” said Mitchell, when asked why he thought the duo won. “Originally I wanted to make Oreo Rice Krispie Treats, but Avi—our head of design—suggested we make it into a triple-layer cake.” They placed Oreo Rice Krispie treats as the cake’s middle layer.

Meanwhile, the popular vote for Best Dessert went to Shalom Weiss, who baked a scrumptious batch of blondies. Weiss took home a golden bundt pan as his prize, while the winners for the judges’ votes received a $100 Visa gift card.

The In-Shabbos ended with a bang (or rather, a flourish) on Motzai Shabbos as Lander's very own magician, Alexander Mehl (aka Magic Mehl) performed an awe-inspiring magic show at the Mehl-ava Malka. Besides for his dramatic stage illusions, Alex showed off some crowd-wowing favorites, including making a table float high up in the air and turn around the room. He also accurately predicted how student-life director Ariel Kopitnikoff would arrange a Mr. Potato Head face with the nine pieces given—there are 360,000 possibilities!