The Spirit of Purim

Purim weekend got off to an inspiring start.

February 25, 2013

When Shabbos ended students packed the Beis once again as everyone gathered to hear the Megillah. The ba’al koreh was fantastic, as usual. Some of the guys headed out to raise money for poor families afterward, but everyone was back at 9 for the mesiba. And aaarrrrrr energies were high! There was dancin’, thar was simcha, thar was food. T’ floors shook.

Even with 50 entries to the costume contest, one clearly rose to the top: Our new seforim bookshelf. Of course there’s a vort: Because every Rosh Chodesh we collect money that goes towardseforim for the Beis, Yosef Zelka dressed up as the bookshelf “sponsored” by the fund with books that included “Great Jewish Beards,” (a shout out to Rabbi Bamberger and Rabbi Kirschenbaum, of course) and “Nach Nach Who’s There?” on the shelves.

Even though following that could not have been easy, the Purim shpiel did not disappoint and was, as every Purim shpiel should be – funny, an inside joke and not entirely apt for a website.

After the morning Megillah reading, some students visited nursing homes while others learned in the beis medrash, or as it’s known on Purim, Yeshivas Mordechai HaTzadik, earning gift certificates along the way. After the 1 P.M. Mincha, everyone piled into to Rabbi Bamberger’s garage, or as it is transformed into for one special day each year, the “Purim Shack,” for divrei Torah, singing, a little something to drink and a great time. Then it was off to everyone’s respective Rebbe’s houses for seudah to round out the day.

Recovery and recuperation followed on Monday morning.