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It Really Is Brain Surgery

September 26, 2017

You might think spending your summer in an operating room watching brain surgery is not so much fun, but then you’re probably not Avraham Michalowicz of Hamilton, Ontario.

Summer with Ernst and Young

September 26, 2017

Lander College for Men student Ryan Libesman spent his summer in Baltimore as an intern at Ernst & Young, one of the top accounting firms in the country.

"You Need To Be Comfortable Asking Questions"

September 19, 2017

LCM student Lee Schwartz, a native of Savannah, Georgia, spent his summer as an intern at EisnerAmper, one of the top twenty largest accounting firms in the country.

Coding for Canon

September 19, 2017

Don Cohen, a Rambam Mesivtah graduate, said he chose LCM because he wanted a program that excels in both sides of a dual curriculum. “I wanted a program that would give me a strong secular education along with a serious beis meidrash program,” explained Cohen who spent two years after high school in Israel at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh. “I also wanted a small program where I could get a lot of attention.”

Understanding Parkinson's Disease

September 19, 2017

Andrew Weinberger’s brother was one of the first graduates of Lander College for Men. He’s keeping to the family tradition and he’s currently a biology major at the college. Weinberger performed research at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal; he also shadowed an emergency room doctor and spent ten days in Russia with Touro’s Summer Program in Moscow.

Exploring Different Sides of Medicine

September 19, 2017

Marc Ganz, a pre-med student at LCM, had a busy summer. While he worked as an assistant at an endocrinology lab at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, he shadowed an orthopedic surgeon and worked as an EMT.

“I Wanted to Be in a Place with a Good Hashkafa”

September 17, 2017

Lander College for Men welcomed their newest class to the school last month. During their week-long orientation, the new students learned about balancing their dual curriculum and what to expect from a school that places strong emphasis on learning Torah and pursuing a secular education. During a make-your-own-sushi dinner, we caught up with several students and spoke with them about their backgrounds and why they chose LCM.

LCM: A Great Place to Call Home

July 28, 2017

Dr. Daniel Fruchter’s turning point began with a series of questions he asked himself.

Where Social Work and Rabbinics Meet

June 12, 2017

Rabbi Mimon Mamane recalls an important lesson he learned during his second-year social work internship in the inpatient neurology service of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He was assigned to work with a woman with a curable form of cancer. Mamane, who typically worked with patients suffering from terminal forms of brain cancer, figured that this would be one of the easier of his cases. It wasn’t.

“We will always be students of LCM”

June 06, 2017

Rabbi Yonasan Sacks, Rosh Yeshiva of Lander College for Men, had a word of advice for the students graduating Lander College for Men (LCM).