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LCM Celebrates Largest Graduating Class

June 05, 2018

Lander College for Men (LCM) celebrated its largest graduating class to date on May 29. More than 300 friends and family members joined the 61 graduates at a special reception and awards ceremony held at the college’s campus before heading to Lincoln Center for Commencement.

Lander College for Men Valedictorian Seeks to Improve the World

April 23, 2018

How did you decide on a career in computer science? Is this something you always had a passion for?

Experiencing the forefront of human innovation has always been something I find extremely exhilarating. For me, directly contributing to these advancements was the primary motivator for my selection of computer science. I don’t see a career as solely a means of making money, I would like to improve the world in significant and creative ways.

An Actuary for Mercer

February 11, 2018

Abbie Jakubovic, a graduate of Lander College for Men, is spending his first year after LCM as an actuarial analyst for Mercer, the world’s largest human resources consulting firm.

Research Spotlight: Connecting Crohn’s & Parkinson’s

January 29, 2018

Biology professor Yakov Peter recently published a study in Science Translational Medicine that has implications for the diagnosis and treatment of both Parkinson’s and Crohn’s.  Peter discusses his love for science, surprising discoveries he made while doing this research and advice for students who are interested in genetic research.

Meeting Successful Alumni

January 04, 2018

Students at Lander College for Men received an intimate look at their chosen profession during LCM’s December Alumni Dinners. Each year, successful alumni return to the institution to speak with current students about the realities of working life.

Alumni Spotlight: Politician Daniel Rosenthal

December 28, 2017

At 26, he’s the youngest member of the New York State Assembly. Elected in November of 2017, Rosenthal (D-Flushing) has had a long term interest in politics and government and traces his career path to his days at Touro’s Lander College for Men.

Telling Stories and Keeping Top Employees

December 17, 2017

Need to build a compelling narrative for your company? How about a way to keep your top talent and attract better employees?

LCM Offers Mentors to Each Student

November 15, 2017

Promising students at Lander College for Men (LCM) will soon have a mentor in their chosen professional field.

Putting Their Best Foot Forward

October 31, 2017

Smart. Professional. Confident.

It Really Is Brain Surgery

September 26, 2017

You might think spending your summer in an operating room watching brain surgery is not so much fun, but then you’re probably not Avraham Michalowicz of Hamilton, Ontario.