Seven acres of comfort and state of the art facilities.

The Kew Gardens Hills campus offers the best of both worlds—beautiful open space and all the modern and technological amenities a student needs.

Academic Center

At 73,000 square feet, the main building is spacious, modern, and inviting, offering plenty of wired seminar and classrooms and housing faculty and administrative offices.


Well-equipped biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science labs, located in the academic building, support our strong college programs in the sciences.

The Quad

Perfect for sitting and studying or congregating with peers, rebbeim and professors, the 8,000 square foot quadrangle is situated immediately behind the academic building and dormitories.

Beis Medrash/Study Hall

Students come to our beautiful 4,500 square foot beis medrash to study the Torah in a focused environment.


Equipped with an extensive online system, our modern, well-lit library provides another welcoming area for students to study and research.


Both indoor and outdoor student lounges are ideal meeting and recreation areas.


The campus cafeteria provides a large, communal dining area which seats 250.

Athletic Facilities

Beyond the quad, our athletic facilities include a baseball diamond, football field, two regulation-size basketball courts, and a tennis court. A 10,000 square foot gym, stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, is adjacent to the gated campus complex.