What sparks your interest?

Chances are, we have a group for that. (And if we don’t, you can help us create one.) 

Student Government

Elected by their peers to represent student interests, the Student Government sponsors events like chagigas and mesibas, campus speakers, and other organized activities, like barbecues, talent shows and game night, throughout the year.

2019-2020 SGO 

Grant Rosenbaum, President
Gidon Sher, Vice President
Aron Waide, Treasurer
Shlomo Kramer, Communications Officer
Gavi Lashak, Athletic Coordinator
Shimon Kanter, Upper Class Representative
Yisroel Rosenberg, Max Landsberg, Under Class Representatives
Gavriel Forman, Beis Medrash Representative

ACM Computer Science Club

Tech-savvy students interested in how computers affect and shape contemporary society will feel at home here. Over the course of a year, students will help simulate the computer science work experience by collectively developing a single program/app. President: Josh Goldmeir 

The Lander Chronicle

Not just a campus paper but a forum for sharing ideas and opinions across campus, The Chronicle offers a glimpse into the conversation and community on campus.

The State of Things

Scholarly research and original ideas welcome. An annual journal published by and featuring the work of students, The State of Things shows the depth of thought and analysis our students bring to the College.

Academic Clubs

Open to all students regardless of major, the Marketing, Biology, Accounting, and Psychology Clubs provide excellent venues to talk with your peers about your academic work and interests outside of the classroom.

2019-2020 Academic Clubs:

  • Accounting: Making your ride into the accounting world easier with the help of fellow students, alumni, and professors, solving your everyday accounting problems. President: Mish Apsan.
  • Biology: Better prepare students for medical and dental school with useful tips and ideas from different speakers. President: Avraham Boroosan.
  • Psychology: Through the guidance of world-renowned professors and scholars, offering graduate school guidance, research opportunities and additional information about new areas in psychology. President: Daniel Gabay.
  • Engineering: Learn about practical applications of engineering in the real world as well as work as a team to assemble and calculate fascinating mechanisms. President: Tzvi Cohen.


Many of our students are also fine athletes. The Director of Athletics supervises several intramural programs, which can even be taken for college credit. We have programs in football, baseball, basketball, physical conditioning, and others.

Creative Writing

A club to foster writing skills in any medium and receive feedback from your peers. President: Asher Horovitz.

Music Vs.

Music Vs. is an international movement which uses the arts to create inter-generational conversation while contributing to elderly, infirmed and veteran populations. President: Jacob Weinger.

Performing Arts Club

Learn the tools that it takes to take any presentation and make it amazing! Contact President Arie Salamon for more information.


Led by Rav Tanenbaum, this chaburah learns a piece of רמב"ן each week in depth. President: Meir Sears.

Real Estate

Understand the different facets of real estate and learn the skills required to be successful in the business. President: Elie Reiner.


Join the Tanya Club to gain Chiyus and sincerity in Avodas Hashem through the lens of Pnimius HaTorah. President: Dovid Rechavel.

Technology Society

Learn histories and implementations of various technologies. Explore various programs and practices ("pro tips") to enhance the user's computer experience. President: Simon Feder.


Talmidim learn about Tefillah and public speaking by delivering shiurim on the topic of davening. President: Asi Kent. 

Interested in learning more?

Rabbi Ariel Kopitnikoff
Assistant Dean for Student Life