Earn college credit for your yeshiva studies.

We believe in the importance of Torah study and that hard work should be rewarded. That is why the time and energy you’ve already dedicated to studying the Talmud counts toward your undergraduate degree.

We accept up to 48 college credits for post-high school yeshiva studies pursued in Israel or the US. Students may earn up to 36 credits for one year of study through the Touro College Israel Option. A full second year of study in Israel is worth up to 12 credits; a semester is worth up to 6. 

To receive transfer credits, submit your official yeshiva transcript with grades to the College for evaluation. We do not give credit for any courses completed with a grade below C, and we limit transfer credits to 18 per semester. Credits for yeshiva studies are determined by the College, based on our academic policies. College credit values might not coincide with the credit values listed on your yeshiva transcript.