Core Requirements

No single major can teach you all you’ll need to know to thrive academically and professionally. The Lander Core Curriculum provides students a general education and a broad base of knowledge across the natural and social sciences and humanities, with an emphasis on writing, research, and analytical skills

Core requirements include nine courses equaling 27 credits, as follows:

  • LLE 101 and 102: English Composition I and II 6 credits
    Unless exempted by placement examination
  • LLE 223 or LLE 224: Survey of Western Literature I or II 3 credits
  • HIS 223 or HIS 224: Survey of Western History I or II 3 credits
  • HIS 155 or HIS 156: Survey of Jewish People I or II 3 credits
  • One semester of Mathematics 3 credits
    Cannot include MAT 111
  • One semester of a Liberal Arts & Science 3 credits
    Course must be outside of major department
  • One semester of Natural Science       3 credits
    For students not majoring in Natural Science
  • One semester of Social Science 3 credits
    For students not majoring in Social Science
  • MCO 140 or MCO 104: One semester of Computer Science 3 credits
    For students not majoring in that area

In addition to the core curriculum, all students must satisfy the following degree requirements to graduate:

  • Completion of 120 College-approved credits
    BS Requirements:  60 credits of liberal arts and science
    BA Requirements: 90 credits of liberal arts and science
  • Completion of at least 3 credits of Intensive Talmud each full-time semester
  • Completion of JSL 187 Contemporary Problems in Jewish Law course
  • Completion of a major
    50% of major courses should be completed at the College
  • 45 credits completed in residency at the College
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0; at least a 2.3 GPA in an approved major
    Some departments require examinations, additional course work, or a higher grade point average
  • SPLN 501 Succeeding after College: Communications Workshop (0 Credits) Required for students who start LCM September, 2021.

Students may seek a waiver of College curricular requirements if they propose an alternative plan equal in academic breadth and depth to the stated requirements. Such a plan must receive prior written approval from the Dean of the College, Dr. Sokol.