Additional Required Activities


All students in the Medical Honors Pathway are encouraged to participate in some form of research during their undergraduate studies at Touro College, with a focus on research methods, design and ethics involved in the research process. This can be accomplished by direct research or by taking courses on research methods and design and bioethics. The Touro College undergraduate school, as applicable, and New York Medical College will assist students in securing research opportunities.

Clinical Experience

Students must complete at least forty (40) hours of clinical experience over at least a six-month period approved by the co-chairs of the Medical Honors Pathway-Admissions, Promotions and Mentoring Committee, and be completed no later than September 1st of the year preceding entry into medical school. The clinical experience should be linked with a physician, health care system or other allied health care provider, though purely shadowing a professional will not fulfill the objectives of the pathway.

Community Service

Students must complete forty (40) hours of community service over at least a six-month period. The service activity must be approved by the co-chairs of the Medical Honors Pathway-Admissions, Promotions and Mentoring Committee, and completed no later than October 31st of the year preceding entry into medical school. This community service shall demonstrate the student’s ability to interact with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.