Lander Fashions

December 25, 2011

The latest in Lander fashion-ware. And it keeps you warm. This year’s chanukah present to LCM students is….

earmuffs! can be worn with any kippah – velvet, suede or knit, black hat or baseball cap.

(And for extra points – can you guess the model sporting this latest fashion accessory?)

And on the second night of Chanukah…

December 23, 2011


Chanukah by the numbers

December 22, 2011

11: rabbis dancing
44: participants in the dreidel contest 
3: winners of the dreidel contest 
11: rabbis/deans dancing 
7: entries into the menorah contest 
120: minutes spent dancing
5: Lander Band members playing or singing
30: trays of food hauled in and consumed

Memory and Representation

December 14, 2011

Yesterday’s Psychology Club speaker, Dr. Moses, spoke about the tension between memory which is private and representation which is the public memorial, and he grapples with the ethics involved in it. He questioned whether the ends of memorializing justify the often intrusive means. Dr. Moses worried that the true memory of his son, the private memories, would be somehow washed away by the media storm and the representation. It was a thought-provoking speech, but perhaps most moving was when Dr. Moses read the passage from his book describing the mass funeral for the victims with the parents sitting on the same benches their sons had sat upon and the bodies of the boys passing before them. “Clichéd as it might sound,” Joshua Goldstein, President of the Psychology Club, says, “hearing Dr. Moses speak reinforces the need to appreciate life. Because it can be taken away in a second.”

No, you don’t have to be Jewish to win a Nobel Prize

December 09, 2011

By Micha Milgraum

There are a disproportionate number of Jews who have won the Nobel Prize in general. This year there were five Jewish Nobel Prize winners for research, following the trend of having a disproportionate number of Jews counted among those who have won the Nobel Prize.

Maybe to educate us, or maybe to encourage us, three faculty members presented some of this year’s Nobel prize winning research by this year’s Jewish winners:

Scavenger Hunt

December 05, 2011

It was all part of LCM’s first scavenger hunt. Some of the notable items on the scavenger list? Planking, singing acapella style on Main St., persistently asking someone for directions to the place where you are located, convincing a non-Jew to attend LCM, getting handcuffed by the cops.

She Said Yes!

December 01, 2011

To quote one of the students, "the best part is Dean Ratner.” Danny might disagree, but stick around until around 2:30 minutes into the video and see what he's talking about. 

Dessert with the Dean

November 29, 2011

By: Dr. Moshe Sokol, Dean

When Lander College for Men started 11 years ago it was easy to know every student who passed through our doors. As the college and class size has grown, and continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to know each individual student as well as I would like. But the connections and personal attention that are part of the college’s origins remain important to me, and so I started inviting small groups of students to my office for talks over coffee, tea and pastries.

Lander's Got Talent!

November 21, 2011

Josh Simons decided to forgo the Opal gym and bench-pressed weights, using people instead. He started at 120lbs and went up to 230lbs.  And yes, you saw correctly. That was Dean Ratner Josh put over his shoulder. Pinchas Krupnik strummed some really cool, atypical tunes on his acoustic guitar. And by the end of the evening, everyone was playing The Newlywed Game. With their chavrusa. (Congratulations to the winning couple! May you have many years of good learning ahead of you!)